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How do we make a difference?

Workpartner is always looking for people who make a difference. We select these people for you. We make good on our promises, on a ‘no cure, no pay’ basis.
We provide mediation for all levels, from unskilled to university level, and for all industries. Temporary employees, seconded employees, freelancers or qualified permanent staff: we provide the right match for your organization, in a personal and committed way. We are reliable, transparent and a deal is a deal.

Nobody is just a number to us! At Workpartner, it is all about the quality and not the nationality. We have extensive experience in the deployment of flexible and motivated employees. In addition, we have extensive expertise in various sectors.
We have a professional back office for the correct implementation of the terms of employment, social legislation and applicable regulations.

When you choose to do business with us, you can automatically make use of the expertise of all parts of our Partner Group through your contact person. In this way, we strengthen each other within the Group and make good on our promises.

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Temporary employment
You can hire temporary staff who work exactly the period you really need them: for peak and sick periods or for a longer period.

You only pay for the actual hours worked. You do not pay any salary if a temporary worker falls ill, contrary to permanent employees. You are the client, Workpartner is the employer. Moreover, you have no administrative hassle and you can easily scale personnel up and down.

Secondment is a form of temporary employment that is used for long-term projects or to offer a temporary worker more security. Continuity is an important precondition for productivity and success. In this arrangement, you determine the contract hours and the end date of the secondment in advance, and we arrange the secondment agreement with the secondee.
You do not pay any salary if a secondee falls ill, contrary to permanent employees. Again, you are the client and Workpartner is the employer; you have no administrative hassle.

Recruitment & Selection
We can provide the recruitment and selection of new employees who will then be hired directly by you. We search and find the right people for you and supervise the entire recruitment and selection process.