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Why choose Workpartner?

Are you looking for a fun, suitable job? Then you are looking in the right place!

At Workpartner, nobody is just a number!
For us, work is about quality and not nationality. We believe that personal attention is important. We do everything to be a good employer for you. We do this for example by assigning you to a fixed contact person who will guide you and help you to develop further, for example by allowing you to follow a course or training program.

When you start working for us, you have a fixed contact person who has a lot of knowledge of the job market and can find the right job for you. Your contact person is there to answer all your questions. We think it is important that you are well-informed and we can help you with practical matters such as applying for a Dutch social security number, arranging health insurance and accommodation.

As a temporary worker, your salary is determined by your education, work experience and the industry in which you work. You will be paid in accordance with the client’s collective bargaining agreement and you are entitled to a fixed hourly wage, allowances and reimbursement of expenses if applicable. This means you can always rely on a fair salary that befits your situation.

Good employment practices
Workpartner is a Dutch organization, which is NEN and VCU certified. This means that we make sure that everything is arranged properly for you. In this, quality and safety are our top priorities. We can also apply the ET scheme for you (the “Extraterritorial Costs“ scheme).This is a tax-free allowance for the extra costs you incur as a foreign worker temporarily living and working in the Netherlands.

Workpartner offersyou the opportunity to develop yourself via courses and training programmes, so that you increase your chances on the labor market. Your own contact person can tell you more about this.



Workpartner offers different types of employment.
Are you looking for a temporary job or a long-term job? Do you want to work part-time or full-time? Are you looking for security or do you want flexible work?

Together with you, we will discuss which options are best for you.

Temporary employment
If you are looking for a new job, either short or long-term, temporary employment offers you optimal flexibility as a starting point, with the security of a good collective bargaining agreement. Things like salary, vacation pay, vacation days and your pension are properly and clearly arranged.

Regardless of whether you’re seconded or temporarily employed, the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Temporary Employees applies to you and you therefore have the same rights and obligations. However, secondment takes it one step further. As a secondee, you sign a fixed-term employment contract with Workpartner. This offers you more security, because you will have a job for a predetermined number of hours within a certain period.